Paper Secrets Card

Summer vacation is almost over. As much as I have missed my afternoon quiet time, I've enjoyed spending many days with Santiago and Paolina at the pool. And they've both gotten so good at waking up in the morning, getting themselves Cheerios and watching cartoons until I wake up on my own. I've been spoiled by sleeping in until 7 or 7:30am most mornings! Santiago starts kindergarten this coming Monday and will be going all day. We decided to enroll Paolina in preschool part time and she will be going three days a week, almost all day as well. Part of me is super excited to have so much freedom but I am going to miss spending time with my little people...and I'm definitely going to miss the sleep. I'll need to start getting up at 5:30am to have everyone ready for school each day. Always some bad with the good huh?

Anyhow, in the last week, as has been true for most of this summer, I only had time in my scrappy space for one project. Not even an entire scrapbooking layout...just a greeting card. I used the sketch from the current card challenge over at Paper Secrets. Since I have been limited on craft time for months now, I have been horrible about putting away scraps from projects and have been tossing everything into a basket. This worked to my advantage as I did not want to agonize over what colors and/or papers to use for this card. I just started pulling out scraps and voila!

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