New Layouts for a New Year

Happy Monday everyone! And I suppose since I haven't posted since December I should wish you all a Happy New Year too lol! Seriously though, what. just. happened to the first half of January?? I can only attribute this loss of time to the kids being all off schedule for basically the last four weeks. First it was Winter Break with all the holiday mayhem, they finally went back to school on January 5th, and then just when we all got used to being back on schedule...the kids are currently on a four-day weekend. Personally I've been discombobulated since Thanksgiving. I'm pretty sure my brain is a bit like a toddler's...it requires consistent schedules to keep me in line lol.

Anyhow, I actually have been getting a fair amount of scrapbooking in...especially after January 5th (wink wink). But alas, even in Texas Winter rears its ugly head. We've had a fair amount of gloom, cold and gusty wind...and days that were decent I was taking the kids to the park to combat cabin fever. So I haven't had much opportunity for photographing my completed projects. So I'm going to have to apologize up front for the quality of photographs for the next few posts because I finally threw up my arms, said "enough is enough" and attempted to take photos in poor sunlight. Unfortunately, in my opinion, no amount of editing can properly correct that. And frankly I need to just move on and not agonize over it.

Without further ado, the two below pages were inspired by sketches from Let's Get Sketchy...

For this first layout I used the January Week 1 sketch from Let's Get Sketchy. The photos are from the last day of Paolina's art camp this past summer. She absolutely loved it, and I love that she's really becoming a little artist. She adores painting and scrapbooking, and she has requested to take a clay & pottery class for art camp this coming summer.

My second page was created using The January Week 2 sketch from Let's Get Sketchy...

This is one of those pages that started out looking very much like the sketch, but then it just started to take on a life of it's own. Not only was this layout inspired by a Let's Get Sketchy sketch but also by the January challenge at Pixels and Paper which was to take inspiration from the below photo and to use "paint" on your project...

As you can see, I was inspired several ways by this image. When I saw it, I was immediately reminded of the photo I had of Paolina with her face painted at a festival we had gone to a few years ago. And then the background paper I found, not only looked perfect with my photo but was ideal for the challenge as well.

Thanks so much for looking at my pages, and have a fantastic week!