Wow!  Has it really been over 3 months since my last post?  I guess that's what happens when your entire family just goes from one sickness to the next throughout the months of December and January.  It was just one cold after another that we passed from one person to another...finally ending with the kids having the stomach flu...bluck!  We even took Santiago to urgent care on Christmas Day, only to find out he had a nasty ear infection.  Let me tell you...you know your kid is sick when they don't want to open their gifts on Christmas.

Then after being lepers for two months, I spent February playing catch up. Of course, I still managed to find some time to scrap...but how could I not seek some creative therapy in the midst of all that.  It's good for the soul...I'm convinced of it.  However, those spare moments I found to be creative were such small windows that I had no time to post all my fun creations...so I'll have to put them up now.

Thank goodness for scrapbooking challenge sites is all I can say.  When I'm feeling uninspired, a good challenge is what I need to get my mojo back (that and a strong cup of coffee!).  Like I was telling everyone in my last post...yes you may be hazy since it was back around Thanksgiving...I've discovered this great site called Colorful Creations.  All the ladies there are so friendly and they have soooo many challenges each week.  It's given me so much motivation to get caught up on so much scrapbooking =).  I've even won a few challenges and won some great prizes.  With my scrapping budget being pretty much at zero these days, that's even more incentive to complete some layouts!  I seriously would recommend checking out their site...http://colorfulcreations.ning.com/  Oh and if you join now and complete one challenge it will give you one chance to win a "Blog Candy Giveaway"  You can get more details at their administrator's blog Scrappily Ever After.

So I'm realizing that trying to update my blog after three months is not only getting kinda wordy but is time-consuming too.  I still want to share with everyone about some new Groups I've joined over at Let's Scrap (another challenge site I love...and is awesome if you love doing two-page layouts) aaaannd I still wanted to post all the layouts I've been working on, but I hear both Paolina & Santiago waking up so I guess it will all have to wait until another time.

P.S. My baby girl is 9 months old today!  Good grief...she's going to be turning 1 year old before I know it!!!