S.W.A.T. Drill #4

I just can't begin to tell you how amazing it felt to unpack my new craft area and to start creating again in my beautifully organized space. I guess that's one positive note to moving! I have had a lot of catching up to do with all the design teams I serve on, but it was one of the most cathartic things I could have done.

As of yesterday I have been officially back to the scrappy world and just in time for the S.W.A.T. Drill #4 which was to use the following color palette:

And here's my layout:
I used some fun photos from when Santiago was 3, and not much older than Paolina is right now, performing in his preschool "end of the year" production. I really wanted to include the program on the layout because in my opinion scrapbooking shouldn't just be cute photos, but memorabilia as well, but its obnoxious color has been preventing me from ever getting to it. I finally realized I would probably never be perfectly happy with anything I did with it anyway, so when I saw this pretty color palette I hoped that it would blend nicely with it and keep it from overwhelming the photos.

Thanks so much for looking! I encourage you to head over to the S.W.A.T. bog and check out what the rest of team did with these cheery colors.

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  1. Why or why do they print those programs on such loud colors? I have so many that I want to include on a page, but the garish colors tend to stop me... Your layout colors kept the program from being too overwhelming and the layout is so cute!
    I envy you your organized space - I got a start on mine and it was looking good until we had to jumble it all together to keep little fingers out of it at when we had visitors. I really need to get back in there and put it to rights!