I mentioned in a previous post that I am guilty of procrastinating...well I am also extremely guilty of over-committing myself. I have complete realization that this is a lethal combination, yet I continue on my path of destruction. My most current example: last February our friends' dear daughter turned one. They requested that no one give her any gifts, but I just really wanted to do something for them, as they are some of the most kind & generous people you could know.  So I told them that I would make a little album using one photo of each month of their daughter's first year of life.  They are now expecting baby number two in about two weeks and up until yesterday afternoon, the status of the promised album was still "uncompleted."  Un.believable.  I mean, ok...I am home with a 3-year old and 1-year old by myself for 14 hours a day, with only a few mornings a week that Santiago is at preschool. I do have to actually make food and do dishes & laundry. And I did commit myself to making several other gifts this past year as well: a 40-page 12x12 album, an altered album cover and an altered album box.  Not to mention all of the scrapbooking layouts for our own family as well as multiple cards to send out. So, yes maybe I'm unneccesarily beating myself up over the timeliness of their gift...but really? Who's fault is it?  Seriously, one of my goals for Twenty-Twelve is to stop volunteering time that does not exist and to say "no" when I can't. Let's see how long my resolution lasts :)

As for the album I made...I presented it to my friends last night and they loved it!  They actually thought it was great to receive it almost a year after her first birthday, as it gave them the opportunity to reminisce. So I guess it was a success...


  1. vERY CUTE! don't fret too much I do exactly the same but the end result is awesome! So carry on living that creative life Yay! 2012!

  2. So sweet...what a nice job you did!

  3. I would have happily waited a year for this adorable album! Beautiful!