Have you ever noticed that the majority of scrapbooking out there is only of photos? One rarely sees cards or memorabilia on layouts. I myself become guilty of this...because naturally cute photos of my kids are more pleasing to the eye than a bent ticket stub or crumpled cocktail napkin.  But what should we do when there are no photos to scrap?  Should we not record that event or memory? Since journaling is  not my strong point, and I feel like the pictures tell much of the story for me, I do often find myself not scrapping something if there are no photos to accompany it.  This is such a shame...especially since the original scrapbooking craft was all about the collage of memorabilia along with photos, so all of that stuff wasn't hidden away inside a shoebox in your closet.  So I do make a conscious effort to always scrap the lovely cards my husband gives me for my birthday, our anniversary and Valentine's Day.  Now for the following layout, I was fortunate to have a photo that Noé took of me when he surprised me with some Valentine's Day gifts when I arrived home from work as well as a photo I took of the gifts & cards we exchanged.  But I feel like the focus is actually on the IOU I had made for him, the beautiful card he gave me as well as the tag that had been attached to my gift.  To create this two-page layout, I modified a single-page sketch from a challenge that is currently running at Colorful Creations.

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