Colorful Creations Monday Mixer

I think I may have finally reached a turning point with Santiago & Paolina.  This week they have been happily playing in their room together for 30 minute increments before they either get bored and come looking for me, or start fighting with each other.  Maybe other moms don't have trouble with their children playing by themselves, but I have always had this problem with Santiago.  He doesn't seem to like to be alone, and I think the only reason he's willing to play without me now is because Paolina is finally old enough to "keep him company".  Paolina has never had a problem with being alone...must come with the territory of being a second-born.  Since birth she has been constantly abandoned in her pack & play or high chair whenever we had to speed off to prevent Santiago from wreaking havoc in the house (the only time he's willing to be alone is when he's doing something rascally lol).  So now she'll take a toy or book off to a corner and sit there by herself, probably happy to be away from Santiago hopping about & screaming as 3-year old boys do.  Anyhow, these 30-minute moments have not only allowed me to start some much needed organizational projects around the house, but to squeeze some scrapbooking & cardmaking in too.  I can't even remember the last time I was able to craft in the middle of the day, unless I had both kiddos down for a nap.  It really provides a nice break from housework!  So this week I have been working on a few layouts, and I completed one for the Monday Mixer challenge at Colorful Creations.  We were to use the below sketch and color scheme.

For my interpretation, I adapted the sketch to a double-pager, and used some photos of Santiago with his best friend when they were at the Discovery Science Center last year.  We could not tear those boys away from the Pin Wall attraction, and everytime we have been since, it's the same!

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  1. I can totally relate! I am so glad all 4 are in school all day this year! woohoo! I have the house all day, and then I usually get creative block LOL