Let's Get Sketchy September Week 2

I believe I have just learned a valuable lesson regarding the importance of scheduling my posts more than just the afternoon prior. I always spend my Sunday afternoons writing up a post for the Let's Get Sketchy reveals on Mondays, but yesterday started unraveling in the afternoon and I haven't been able to get things back together until just now. Anyone with boys will probably appreciate this...Santiago was playing over at the neighbor's house yesterday and fell off the top of a bunk bed and landed head first onto a hardwood floor. His head got split open right above his eyebrow. After it happened we bandaged him up and spent the rest of the evening just keeping an eye on him, watching for signs of a concussion. We didn't want to go to the ER since he seemed to be doing well. But then before bedtime we took off the bandage and realized it really was going to need stitches. Still did not want to make that trip to the ER...so we decided to wait until morning when an Urgent Care facility was open. That of course was a disaster. It took two hours to get him calmed down enough to get a local anesthetic administered for the doctor to even suture his wound, which then only took about 5 or 10 minutes to complete. At that point he was fine...babbling about Minecraft and telling us about how he was going to show his stitches to everyone at school. Which is where is he is now. Oy! I never knew parenting a boy would be so stressful. This is our third trip to Urgent Care for some kind of injury related to him acting like a "boy". I predict the next one will be bone-related, which I shudder to even think about.

Anyhow, better late than never...here is the sketch for this week's reveal at Let's Get Sketchy...
And here's my take on it...
I used some old Webster's Pages paper and a photo from Paolina's newborn photo shoot. Thanks for looking...hope you check out the Let's Get Sketchy blog and join in with the challenge!


  1. sorry to hear about your son, glad he is on the mend! I love the stitched circles on your page!!

  2. Beautiful Jenessa, love those colours and tha t sweet pic! I hopw Santisgo i s doing brtter.