Let's Get Sketchy December Week 4

Wowzahs! Not only is it already Monday again, but it's the end of December too! Good grief...is Christmas Eve really tomorrow? And next week will be a new year! I remember back in the day, hearing my parents talk about "time flying" and wondering why "old" people always talked like that. Seriously. As a child you think that time would just drag on and on, from birthday to birthday or Christmas to Christmas. Summer seemed to be the only time that went by too fast, and then back to school we had to go. Great. Apparently now I'm one of those "old" people, as I just can't figure out why time seems to go by so fast. So for that I'm grateful to be a scrapbooker...I can flip through my scrapbooks or pull out some old photos to use on a layout, and I can reminisce about sweet moments that literally feel like they were last month but in reality were three or five years ago. I hope my kids will look back at all the pages I've made with the same fondness.

So. Back to it being Monday. You know what that means...a new sketch at Let's Get Sketchy. Check it out!

I used just one photo and came up with this...

I'm proud of myself for doing what is "decent" journaling...for me anyhow. Usually as far as I get is a title and date. And I've even been known to *gasp* not even use a title. I'm not the only one who struggles with the verbal aspect of scrapbooking right? Anyhow, this is a photo of Santiago just after he turned one. At this age he went through a phase when I knew it was his naptime without even looking at a clock because he would reach into his crib, pull out his blankie & binkie through the slats, and lay down on the floor with them. Then he would look up at me with his huge brown eyes and just stare, almost as though he was wondering what on earth was taking me so long to put him in his crib to go to sleep. Now we can hardly get him wound down enough to go to bed at night. And forget naps...he gave those up before he turned four lol.

Now as far as product, the background paper is Colorbok Homespun and the rest is Fancy Pants Trendsetter, Dear Lizzy Lucky Charm, and My Mind's Eye Life Stories. Thanks for looking...I hope you will take the time to check out the other girls' work at Let's Get Sketchy and play along as well!


  1. Time does fly...sometimes the days seem long but the months fly by! Very sweet page, love your list for documentation!

  2. Just such a sweet page, love the jumbo numbers, the colour combo and the darling photo! Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!

  3. Awe, such a darling layout! Love the sweet photo and big numbers! Thanks for the inspiration!