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We're still iced in...which means another day of no school for the kids. But at least we have power. And thank goodness for the internet, as Santiago has been able to do some online classwork. Being home with him an additional two days is also giving me a chance to work with him reading in English. In the short time he's been in kindergarten his reading (in Spanish) has really taken off, but unfortunately by the time I've done homework with him and we've eaten dinner it's practically bedtime, so I haven't had as much time as I would like to work on his reading in English. It's also been good for Paolina to sit beside him while he does schoolwork, as she's been picking up quite a bit. It hasn't all been work either...we built a dining room "fort" and wrote letters to Santa.

Well I've gotten quite off topic haven't I? I actually just wanted to pop in and post this layout that I did last week and didn't have time to put up until now. I used the following sketch from Inspired Blueprints...

And I came up with this...

We were truly blessed to have had the opportunity to live in Southern California for 10 years. The climate was amazing. But even there we did have a winter of sorts, and despite its reputation for being sunny we had rain as well. I took these photos of Santiago back in January of 2010, enjoying the rain as any toddler boy can...jumping in all the puddles and mud.

Thanks for looking...and for those of you who are also experiencing inclement weather please stay safe and sane!

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