Let's Get Sketchy October Week 2

It's Monday and time for a new sketch at Let's Get Sketchy! As I was working with this one I was thinking about how when I first started using sketches, I would follow them exactly. But as I have become more comfortable with my own work I have found myself rotating & flipping them, using a different number of photos than the sketch, and even adding/eliminating elements. And that is exactly what I did for this sketch. Not because it wasn't an awesome sketch...because it is and I actually plan to hang onto it for when I have a trio of small photos to scrap. But I had a single small photo and paper in mind that I thought would work perfectly with it after a few minor adjustments. Basically I rotated the sketch and then substituted a frame & tag for the 2nd & 3rd photos. So keep this in mind when you are working with sketches. They are just blueprints for your pages...you should feel free to let your creativity (or necessity) take over and then go from there!

Here's the sketch...

And here's what I did with it...
This past January Sears Portrait Studio offered us a free sitting & photo package. Normally I'm not into those chain photography studios that do the ridiculously posed photos...but hey who says no to "free". Especially if you're a scrapbooker and it's free photos right? And we hadn't done a family photo shoot for two years so I really really couldn't say no. Anyhow, for a "posed" photo it didn't come out too badly. I love how happy the kids look. And this is a great memory as it was taken a month before we left California...sort of a documented photo of how we looked before moving out to Texas. The paper came from a pad I picked up on clearance at Wal-Mart. If you haven't done so before you should really pop in there every once in awhile and check out their paper pads. I've found some really great deals on some unexpectedly cool paper. And speaking of checking out cool stuff...don't forget to head over to Let's Get Sketchy to see what the other designers did with the sketch. And while you're at it please join in and link up your page!


  1. Fabulous page, love the painted background!

  2. I love how you've adapted the sketch, it really looks great!

  3. I love what you did with the sketch! I loved reading how your more comfortable with your style and can do that.. I think that's a wonderful thing!