Think in Color Thursday

Well I missed making a project last week...glad it's just been a personal commitment to myself so I only had "me" to let down. Last week was just so busy. Santiago started public preschool the week before Christmas, and we have been surprised to discover that he has homework 4 nights a week...I never would have thought preschool would be so intense! Even at the Montessori preschool he had previously attended, he did not once have a homework assignment. Anyhow, I've been spending evenings doing that with him between dinner & bedtime. We also had a lot of playdates and appointments last week. And then all of a sudden it was Thursday morning and I realized I hadn't even chosen a color palette for the week, let alone made anything. I was almost as bad this week...I made the below card yesterday afternoon. This time I put together a "thank you" for a dear friend who is just one of those women who has a very empathetic nature. She's always a good listener, an encourager and just an overall reliable friend. We recently had a very transparent conversation about a mutual struggle and consequently made the decision to read through a book together and hold each other accountable for completing each chapter's discussion questions. We have also committed to pray for each other and this specific struggle. I just wanted to give her a little something to show her that I appreciate her friendship...she is such a blessing to me!

So using this color scheme form my Pinterest board...

I made this card...

Thanks so much for looking! Hope the color palette was an inspiration for you.


  1. Wow Jenessa, this card is lovely! Fabulous color combo! I know, I sometimes wonder what they do in class all day to have so much homework sometimes!

  2. fabulous cluster.. beautiful

  3. amazing lovely details greetings Janneke