Think in Color Thursday

I love color. For the most part, it's what attracts me to fashion and art. And when it comes to scrapbooking it's the biggest inspiration for my layouts. I either choose the papers to revolve around the colors in my photos, or if  I find papers that I really love with no coordinating photos, I will print them out in black & white just to be able to use the desired paper. I've even been known to stage my kids in particular outfits just so they will coordinate with the paper I want to use lol.

I also love Pinterest. And a person can really find some amazing color palettes there. I've pinned a plethora of them to one of my boards. And as beautiful as they are just hanging there like tiny pieces of art on my virtual bulletin board, I've been contemplating how I can actually put them to use So in the coming year, I've decided to commit to creating one project every week using one of the color palettes I've pinned. I will post them every Thursday. I hope that this will provide some color inspiration to each of you as well. And if it does, please leave a comment with a link to your project...I would love to see them!


  1. Hi, Jenessa!
    I would like to thank the visit to my blog and wish you a happy new year!

  2. That sounds fun Jenessa! I have pinned several color combos and never use them. I'm a bit intimidated by finding the colors in the products. I need to practice and try it again! I can't wait to see your first one and I'm sure I will be inspired! Happy New Year!