Let's Get Sketchy! Challenge #24

I've lived in Southern California for eight years now, but I still manage to forget every single year that our summer comes late...August and September are our hot months. We sail thorough June and July and I think about how blessed we are to not need the air conditioning, and then the first week of August hits and the temps always soar up into the 90s. And this year was no different. I have some friends who live close enough to the beach that these months are hot but don't quite require running the A/C, but unfortunately we live just enough inland that in my opinion it's a necessity. My only consolation is that I don't have to dust or steam clean the floors as often (with all the windows closed we don't get all that obnoxious gray dust settling on the furniture & floors) aaaannnnnd I actually get a little bit more scrapbooking done. It's too hot for me to walk the kids to the park, so they come inside with the neighbor kids and play, or they splash around in the kiddie pool in our backyard. Yay for me!

So for once in quite some time I actually got several layouts done this week...and I even submitted my design team work *gasp* early. Well early for me anyway...not the last day and hour it was due!  And here it is. My take on this week's sketch at Let's Get Sketchy!

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