Well it's official. My baby girl is now a One-Year Old.  How did this last year fly by so fast?  I don't remember Santiago's first year going so quickly.  It's making me feel a bit grateful that I am so far behind in my scrapping so that now I will be able to look back at Paolina's first year and reminisce, like I do as I scrap Santiago's photos.

Speaking of which, I just finished a layout of him when he was about 7 months old.  I had posed him in this little "sock monkey" outfit that my mom had made and given to me at my baby shower.  And he was holding a sock monkey that my grandma had made for me when I was a baby.  You can also see it over at the Colorful Creations gallery where I entered it into their June Trains & Tiaras challenge.  I apologize for the photo...the lighting really washed out the red and despite fooling around with it in Photoshop, I just couldn't get it to look right!

I also completed a layout for another challenge site that I really enjoy, The Color Room.  Here is this week's palette:

And here's my interpretation using a photo from my birthday date last year.  One of my favorite things about this photo of me is that I was almost 30 weeks pregnant with Paolina, but you can't even tell!  Unfortunately the photo of the layout is another washed out one that just doesn't do justice to the beautiful teal paper and scrumptious embellishments!

As far as scrapbooking, that's all I've had time for.  Paolina's first birthday party had me consumed this past week.  I even decorated her cake myself.  Before you check out the photo, please keep in mind that I have never, ever in my life decorated a cake.  I also ran out of icing while I was decorating it at 10:30pm the night before the party, so the bottom of the cake looks unfinished because...well....it is.  So while I'm considerably proud of my work as a first-timer, I'm doubting that there will be any pastry chefs knocking down my door anytime soon lol.

I'll be back soon I'm sure.  There are lots more challenges at Colorful Creations this month, and now that I've completed some of my recent commitments I hope to have time to scrap more and get all my creations posted!

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