For several years now I've had people ask me if I have a blog.  My answer was always "no"...I mean, come on, how on earth would I have the time to maintain a blog?  But it seems like everyone has one...so if everyone else can seem to make the time in their busy schedules to make regular posts to a blog, well I can too...right?  So last year I caved and got one set up.  So how many posts have I managed to make in the last 6 months...counting this one? Oh...three.  Well, at least I knew myself well enough to realize that I just wouldn't be able to carve out the time to consistently maintain a blog.  But now I feel like I have a challenge before me...one that will not defeat me!

I wasn't terribly productive in terms of my scrapbooking & cardmaking throughout the month of April, so I don't have much to post of that anyway.  I completed a few layouts the first couple weeks, but then I had to prepare for our trip to Dallas...who knew it would take an entire week to do laundry & pack (on top of all the other household chores)...until you have two small children that is.  Then of course we were in Texas for 10 days visiting both my parents and Noé's.  Then I spent another week when we got back, catching up on laundry again.  Seriously...laundry & dishes are the bane of my existence!  To top it all off, Santiago caught a nasty cold (I presume from the plane trip back), was sick for 4 days and proceeded to pass it on to poor Paolina who is still suffering.  The only advantage to that is that she's been sleeping almost all day the last 2 days which has allowed me to finally catch up on chores.  Somewhere amidst it all I managed to handmake 36 invitations for her 1st Birthdy Party.  And this morning I somehow managed to make 4 thank you notes for Santiago's birthday gifts as well as a Mother's Day card for my mom.  Yes, yes, I know...Mother's Day was last week...but better late than never is what I always say!

I'm so relieved to be caught up!  Of course, I have 4 altered projects to complete in the next month or so.  One is a gift, but the other 3 are commissioned pieces, so I'm feeling a lot of pressure to get those done soon.  Not to mention, I have some minor projects for Paolina's party on June 4th.  But I am determined to stay on top of it all and get back to scrapbooking.  Fortunately I have the motivation to get some layouts done because there are going to be some fun things going on over at one of my favorite challenge sites, Colorful Creations.  So stay tuned!

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