Stuck?! Sketches

Happy Monday everyone! I cannot believe how quickly time has slipped by since my last post. We were in California when that went live, and let me tell you, our trip back home was too short and seemed to absolutely fly by! Next time we go back I feel like we need to be there for a minimum of two weeks, just to adequately spend time with all the people we love and to go all the places that we miss. We only got back to Texas last Monday, late that evening,,,and I've done almost nothing but play "catch-up" since then! Whoo!

Now judging by my bi-monthly posts this summer it would seem that I didn't get any scrapbooking done. In truth I accomplished a fair amount given that the kids weren't at school, we had a houseguest in July and then we took a trip back to California for 10 days. However, between having no desire to stand outside in the 100 degree Texas heat to photograph my pages, as well as my limited time for writing up posts, the only layouts that made it here are those for Stuck?! Sketches. Thank goodness for the responsibility of being on their Creative Team to at least hold me semi-accountable for the upkeep of this blog! And speaking of which, that's why I'm here today...to share the August 15th sketch, and how it inspired me.

I flipped it and came up with this...

If you know my kids at all, you will understand how especially sweet this photo is. Paolina isn't super affectionate with anyone except "Mami and Papi". She'll hug her friends if they initiate it, she shies away from hugs from extended family members, and she absolutely hates her brother to (what she calls) give her "slobbery kisses." Poor Santiago...he loves hugging and cuddling, so it's been nothing but frustration for him since she became old enough to refuse all of his loving, which basically began when she was old enough to sit up on her own around 4 months. Soooo...it's super special when not only do I see Paolina hugging or snuggling with her brother, but I also catch one of these rare moments with a photo.

I know these Crate Paper Hello, Love papers are Valentine themed, but they really suited this sweet moment. The background paper is Amy Tangerine...something that's been in my stash for too long. And not because I was hoarding it exactly, but because I just didn't have the "right" sketch or photos for it. When I saw the August 15th sketch, I knew that if I flipped it it would be perfect. Don't you love the stitching on it? It was nice that I didn't have to spend the extra time adding in that detail myself.

Enough gabbing...I hope you found some inspiration and are ready to create your own page using this sketch. For more details on how you can be entered to win a randomly drawn prize this month, and to see what the rest of our awesome Creative Team did with this amazing sketch head over to the Stuck?! Sketches blog.

Have a great week!


  1. So pretty, love the colour sand layers and that so so sweet pic!

  2. Awesome photo and story!! So very sweet. I'm on the Stuck team too and am in Texas as well!!!