My Scraps & More Sketch #87

This past Friday a new sketch at My Scraps & More Sketches went live, and I had my layout done way ahead of schedule and had even written up my blog post and scheduled it...or so I thought. I've done this once before and you would think that I had learned  the lesson of checking that my post did indeed go live even when I am positive that I have scheduled it to do so. Unfortunately this has been a hectic summer and I haven't spent much time online. I suppose it's a good thing...not spending endless hours in front of the computer or with my phone attached to my hand, but it's not good for my brain to go on summer break when I still have responsibilities & commitments!

So here is a quick and edited (the intro I had previously written no longer applies) version of the post that should have been up on the 18th.

Here is Sketch #87...

And my take on it...

Even though I am late in posting, you still have until July 31st to link up your own layout!

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