I seriously took Southern California's ah-mazing climate for granted when we lived there. And I don't just mean being able to enjoy the majority of my days outdoors or having my windows open most of the year or rarely running the AC & heat. I'm talking about photographing my layouts, people! So frustrated by that since we moved to Dallas. Rain, wind, snow...what a headache! Anyhow...I finished the following two pages several days ago but only found the ideal lighting to get them photographed today. Take note I only mention the perfection of the lighting...it's 30 degrees and very windy outside. 

So here they are, using sketches from ScrapMuch?

These are photos of Paolina when she was first born and she & I were still at the hospital.

And these photos are from my birthday dinner in 2011.

Thanks for looking!

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  1. Such gorgeous pages, fabulous job with the banners and layers! I totally know what you mean about weather getting in the way of photographing your projects ;) thanks for joining us at ScrapMuch?!