Stuck on U Sketches

Happy Hump Day! Well what's left of it anyway. I had to actually put thought into what day it was this morning, as my week has been a bit topsy turvy. I woke up early Sunday morning feeling sick, went back to sleep and didn't wake up again until two in the afternoon. I proceeded to sleep the remainder of the day, only awake long enough to eat once. I slept almost all Monday morning...until 11:30am to be precise. I guess I had the flu. My only symptoms were an achy body and extreme fatigue. I'm pretty sure I haven't had the flu for well over 10 years. So I'll cross my fingers and hope I'll go another 10 without coming down with it again. Today I feel fully back to health, but needless to say I am now behind on housework and still disoriented as to the day of the week.

This past Friday I did a layout using a sketch from a new blog that I recently discovered called Stuck on U Sketches, and as I was going out the door this morning I remembered I had never photographed it. And then I panicked that I had probably missed the deadline to link it up to their blog. Once I got home I realized I still have another day before the link closes so I breathed a sigh of relief. I know that getting my scrapbooking done is really just a personal goal I set for myself, but when I use a particular sketch, I really want to give credit where credit is due in regards to my inspiration, so it's always a disappointment to me if I miss a deadline to link my layout up to the originating blog. Anyhow, here's the sketch I had to work with...

And here's my take on it...
Except for a few more photos I have of him at his newborn photo shoot, this was the last I have to scrap of Santiago as a newborn. Bittersweet! I'm pleased with myself in terms of accomplishment but sad that I won't have any more photos of him so tiny to reminisce over while I'm scrapping. Oh wait! I can look through the actual scrapbooks to reminisce...that is what they are for right lol? Well thanks to those of you who took the time to look at my page, and have a great remaining week.


  1. Sweet pic and layout! Love that crown and pinned ribbon. Thanks for playing along at SOUS.

  2. This is so cool, beautiful baby, and lovely layout ....

  3. How sweet is this Jenessa! The photo is adorable and the lovely soft papers are perfect. Great use of the sketch. Hope to see you again. Thanks for joining us at SOUS!

  4. This photo is adorable! And the page is of little lovely details. Great job with the sketch.
    Eli (SOUS)

  5. hi this is adorable. thanx for joining us at SOUS.

  6. Well I am just happy that we can still find people out there and still be new to someone!
    Stuck on U Sketches has been around for 4 years! Isn't that neat! =)
    Well I am tickled ya found us and super happy that you shared this great page with us (and on time, yay!)

    WIshing you a very, very Happy Thanksgiving!