S.W.A.T. Drill #6

A lot of people struggle with doing two-page layouts. I do a lot of them because I seem to always have so many photos for a single event, but I admit that they are still not easy for me to do. I definitely don't think I could pull them off without sketches!  So the drill this Saturday at S.W.A.T. is challenging everyone to create a two-page layout. There have been times that I have used half of a two-page sketch to create a single page layout, but there is no cheating like that for this challenge! You must make it a two-pager to qualify for the prize.

Here is the sketch (one of my own!)

And my take on it...
I don't know why but neither one of my kids like anything on their heads. Santiago still won't wear hats, and it's a battle with Paolina to do anything to pull her hair off her face. I'm so jealous of all those moms whose kids sport cute hats and hair clips!

But anyhow, I hope that all of you who fear two-page layouts will step out of your comfort zone and try this challenge at S.W.A.T.

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  1. Great sketch and layout! I'm not a big fan of circles (only because I have to dig my way to the Cricut lol) but I'm saving this to try someday! Love doing 2 pagers since I take a bunch of photos too!