Twisted Blueprints #14

Everyone is still sick at my house. I'm just thankful that the weather has cooled off. Summer colds are the worst in my opinion, so I'm feeling much better this time around having the windows open with all the fresh air coming in. But no matter what it feels like outside, cold medication still makes me feel like I'm living in a haze...quite literally. I can't seem to remember anything! So of course I managed to completely forget to post the following challenge at Colorful Creations. It's a bit ridiculous that it slipped my mind, considering it's my own sketch and I even created a layout as a sample. But don't worry, if you still want to participate the challenge will run through September 30th. And you can find all the details here

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  1. I love this layout (and of course the sketch too)! I'm going to have to head on over to Colorful Creations and take part in this one! So adorable! Thanks for sharing!!