Let's Get Sketchy! Challenge #16

After months of searching for a new home, packing and then unpacking, we have finally become mostly settled into our new house, which we are extremely happy with and will be renting for at least two years until we are allowed to purchase again. I thought I was going to be terribly emotional about leaving our house. It was the first house that my husband and I purchased, we had done extensive upgrades including a  complete kitchen remodel, and this was the house our kids have known since birth. Surprisingly enough, I was more than relieved when we handed over the keys. And I am pleased to say that even though we are only renting our new house, I actually love almost everything about it more than the house we just sold.  This of course does no include the kitchen, because frankly I was spoiled by having a brand new custom kitchen and will probably never be satisfied until I have an equal or better one. But the kitchen aside, we adore this house and the best part for me is having my very own scrap room.  In the previous house I had a small "room" that was part of our master suite...but this is an entire bedroom.  I'm in heaven.  Unfortunately is has been the last room to really be unpacked, because although I consider my scrapbooking to be a high priority, for some strange reason the rest of my family seems to put a higher value on food, clothing & toys.  It's still a bit of a work in progress, but in enough order that I was able to scrap my first layout in almost 3 months.  So after a bit of a break from my design team duties over at Let's Get Sketchy! I'm super excited to be able to post a layout for this week's sketch. I hope you will take the time to check out the rest of our design team's work by heading over to the blog. And without further ado...my take on the Challenge #16:

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  1. Great layout! THe shoes are just so sweet :-)